Light Projector Software

 For intuitive and fascinating Light Language Grid writing!

Software Includes:

  • Intermediate & Advanced level versions
  • Supports Mobius, APLL & Advanced Grids 


  • Easy navigation
  • Intuitive writing
  • Accessible close-ups for all colors and shapes
  • Spinning shapes & grid view
  • 3-D activation
  • Tangible emanation impact

Empowers fun, creative and smooth grid writing! 

Light Projector for all levels

= 524 Euros.

Including Special Bonus:

Light Library App 

(a bonus of 144 Euros)

All Light Language Books & your own notes in one correlating app.

Keep on editing and adjusting your notes as your experience grows! 

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and start enjoying easy grid writing!!

Yaba daba doo!!!


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